The 100-day real estate mindset journey

500,00 $

This adventure for real estate brokers starts on January 17.



100 continuous days and you will have all you need to become a rich and successful realtor! The key to making it big is having THE Right Mindset. Want the big bucks and be happy earning them?

Let’s share 100 days together!!!  Not only will I be live every day for 100 days, but there will also be content focusing on success & harmony created for this journey, which will lead us to:

  • Think
  • Take a good look in the mirror
  • Question ourselves
  • Get rid of what is holding us back
  • Grow and rise to become a better version of ourselves professionally & personally!

Everything will be accessible through your Facebook account, how amazing is that?

This adventure for real estate brokers starts on January 17.

Let’s discover TOGETHER who we are, who we want to be and where we need to go. I made it big so far! However, I’m far from being done and I want more… which tells me that I still have things to learn and why not grow and discover with you?

When I decided to do the 100-day journey, it goes without saying that my two business partners Coach Lyne & MC, had to be part of this adventure.  Trust me they are experts at growing businesses having contributed to starting hundreds of companies and having owned a few as well!

I offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, that is… to invest & choose YOU!

For as little as 5$ a day you will get high performance coaching AND a unique experience … that of discovering and surpassing yourself to achieve your personal and professional goals.

This is quite a commitment in which I am very proud to do with you!

Get ready to become a better version of yourself.


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