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Caroline Salette is the most renowned speaker, trainer and coach in the field of real estate in Quebec.


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Caroline Salette

Keynote speaker, trainer & coach

Caroline Salette is a self-made powerhouse! She started in real estate at the age of 18 and built a reputation for excellence based on key principles: hard work, unparalleled integrity, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction!
By the age of 30 she was a millionaire and by the age of 34 she acquired the largest RE/MAX franchise in Quebec with 6 offices and over 250 real estate agents.
Always in the pursuit of challenging herself, she recently sold her business to dedicate herself to her greatest passion…. Impowering people! She is an international coach & speaker that provokes her audience with her audacious and frank talk. She has an in-depth riveting approach in recognizing each person’s human capacity and helping them reach their true potential. Her trainings, conferences, and private coaching sessions are based on practical and theoretical sales & marketing methods that are proven to work. She has a phenomenal ability to simplify the foundations of doing business that has so far helped over hundreds of agents and business owners achieve their goals.
Caroline inspires people to surpass themselves by rigorously applying techniques which propel their success to higher levels. Caroline Salette is the rising international influential coach and keynote speaker.
Being authentic and true to oneself resonates with her most profonde personal core value: INTEGRITY!


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