When sellers are looking for a Real Estate broker to take charge of their transaction, what criteria does he use to select the one ideal broker from all the brokers available in his sector? The client will shop for the Real Estate broker who will meet his high expectations. In general, his research is oriented towards the broker’s sales ratio, while taking into account his reputation and references, of course! But here is a question that succeeds to trick many Real Estate brokers because the answer is not so obvious at first glance! Here it goes: “What characterizes the success of a broker who always succeeds in convincing a customer to buy his services?” Do you think you have found the right answer ? If not, are you searching too deep? If you think about it from a logical point of view, the elected broker will always be the one who will really take the time to build a relationship with his clients. Why? Because all of the importance the broker gives to his client will bring him a lasting business relationship with him that will be profitable in the short, medium and long term throughout all his Real Estate career.

In this Mini-Masterclass, you will learn:

– The 3 keys to building a strong customer relationship
– The difference between knowledge and competence
– How to define the advantages that differentiate you from other brokers, ie how to find your added value
– How to sell yourself and your services to the customer without even needing to brag
– What the seller really expects from you as a broker
– The importance of developing a business relationship with your client

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