Inspection 101

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90 minutes
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With the purchase of 4 conferences, get the 5th one free!

The commission is… your best friend to “close” the deal!

We’ve not been taught how to negotiate, let alone how to ensure that it remains favorable for ALL parties.

We have learned to “PLAY” to win, believing that the other must inevitably lose… And as a result, the “FEAR” of losing has ruined many and has also affected how the industry is being perceived and respected.

The Ace in our pocket is misunderstood and too often contested … even by the agents themselves!?

My goal, in this training, is to demonstrate the benefits related to the commission and help change false perceptions related to commissions.

I will explain how to use the commission as a tool for listing and valuing the work of the collaborator, thus being a higher commission not lower… What I will share, will be impactful and play a big part in the negotiation of the selling price of the property that you will be listing!


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